Lola Brooke: The Brooklyn Starlet Taking the World by Storm

Lola Brooke trends for being so much shorter than Kalani Brown

In a Glimpse:

Hailing from the streets of Brooklyn, American rapper Lola Brooke has ascended the music echelons, breaking barriers with her compelling style and narrative. At 4 feet 10 inches, she might seem petite, but her aura is gigantic. Weighing approximately 51 kg, she maintains an enviable physique, complemented by her luscious black locks and her heart-shaped visage.

Early Life & Background

Born Shyniece Thomas, Lola Brooke is synonymous with authenticity. Her nickname, ‘Big Gator’, resonates with her larger-than-life personality. Gifted with music, she began penning lyrics at eight, nurtured by her single mother after her father’s untimely demise. With familial ties to music, she later collaborated with her cousin Jah, laying the foundation for her solo ventures.

Vital Stats

  • Full Name: Shyniece Thomas
  • Nicknames: Lola, Lola Brooke, Big Gator
  • DOB: February 1, 1994
  • Place of Birth: Brooklyn, NY
  • Zodiac: Aquarius

Physical Attributes: A Closer Look

Her stature might be short, but Lola’s charisma towers. While her well-balanced weight and the impressive 32-23-36 measurements define her, it’s her captivating face that leaves an indelible mark.

  • Eyes & Hair: Lola’s rich, dark brown eyes exhibit a fierceness. This, combined with her naturally black, occasionally dyed hair, amplifies her presence.
  • Dress & Footwear: Lola often graces the stage in size 4 dresses, complemented by shoes size 6.5. Her taste? Iconic!


From savoring fries sprinkled with Tajin to unwinding in Chicago, Lola has her list of preferred things.

  • Colors: Black, Pink
  • Pastimes: Swimming, Basketball
  • Snack: Mango with Tajin
  • Accessory: White Sox Fitted Hat
  • Place: Chicago
  • Pet: Dogs

Lola Brooke’s Musical Odyssey

The rapper’s journey is nothing short of inspirational. From shelter aide to acclaimed artist, Lola transitioned seamlessly. After her initial association with Team 80 Productions, the songstress delivered hits, with ‘Don’t Play with It’ in 2021 being her magnum opus. 2023 saw her joining Arista Records, further solidifying her presence.

Quick Queries

  • Face Shape: A well-defined heart with a pronounced jawline.
  • Hair: Naturally black, occasionally dyed in shades like platinum or pink.
  • Eyes: Deep dark brown, expressive.
  • Tattoos: As of now, no visible tattoos grace Lola.
  • Grammy Accolades: A Grammy still eludes her, but it’s only a matter of time.

The Road Ahead

Lola Brooke’s trajectory in the music world shares parallels with rapper Ice Spice, another emerging sensation. Given her talent, tenacity, and the love she receives, the zenith isn’t far for Lola.

A Nod to her Moniker

The fusion of the playful Looney Tunes character, Lola Bunny, and her native soil, Brooklyn, led to her unique stage name, Lola Brooke. An endearing touch showcasing her love for her roots and a hint of whimsy from her favorite childhood animation.

Education & Early Pursuits

While music has always been her calling, Lola Brooke hasn’t turned a blind eye to formal education. She attended a local high school in Brooklyn, ensuring she balanced her passion with the requisites of traditional schooling.

Lola Brooke: The Epitome of Transformation

From her early struggles in the competitive world of music to her present stature, Lola’s journey is inspiring. Known for her hard-hitting lyrics, Brooke often references her experiences, allowing her fans to resonate with her music on a deeply personal level. Her tracks like ‘Bipolar’, ‘Not the Same’, and ‘Back to Business’ mirror this evolution.

Footprint in Mainstream Media

Apart from her musical successes, 2023 marked her debut in mainstream television. Brooke graced an episode of the popular CBS show, ‘East New York’, hinting at her potential ventures outside the music realm.

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